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With functional holes of 7mm, the air begins to circulate, about which it gives off 15% more heat than ordinary coal!
And this means that you will need less coal for a procuration than usual!

Crown Charcoal 26mm

Weight : 1kg (2.5lb)

Master case : 20kg

Quantity : 64 pieces

  • It does not smoke or spark when burning, does not give off an aftertaste and does not affect the taste of the hookah
  • Maximum ash residue 2%. The percentage of ash affects the amount of heat that a briquette gives off during a smoking session. The lower the percentage of ash remaining, the longer the coal gives heat.
  • The increased burning time of more than 2 hours is enough for “filling”, due to which coal is much more economical in use.
  • Own burning and production allow for strict quality control of each batch
  • 100% natural. Humidity of coal is 1.8%. Gives a lot of heat, burns for a long time at t 600 C


Fixed carbon: 88-90%
Calorie heat: 7450-7550
Temperature: 600 C
Volatiles: 5%
Humidity: 1.8%
Ash content: 2.5%
Ash color: white
Sulfur content: about 0
Burning time: min 2 hours