TITANIUM Cubic Charcoal Natural Coconut Coco Shell Hookah Incense 72 Coals Nara

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Best to use for, Hookah, Narghile, Incense Charcoal
Burns about 45 minutes
Less Ash
No smell
No Odor
Made from Coconut Shell
Titanium Cubic Hookah Charcoal Natural Coconut Coco Shell is an ideal choice for enjoying a smooth, long-lasting hookah session. This charcoal is made of 100% natural coconut shells and is shaped in a Cubic, rectangular shape. It is eco-friendly, easy to light and produces a clean, smoke-free burn. It is designed to last for up to two hours, giving plenty of time for an enjoyable hookah experience. The natural, earthy flavor of coconut enhances any shisha blend, providing a unique and flavorful experience.