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Adalya: Premium Flavors 250g


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New to America, Adalya Hookah Tobacco was founded in 2003 and shisha production is based in Turkey. The largest manufacturer of hookah shisha in Turkey and the second largest in the world. Over 16 sensational shisha flavors are available in the U.S. including the beloved Love 66. High quality Virginia tobacco with premium ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, molasses and natural flavoring.

Adalya hookah tobacco is a brand of premium hookah tobacco known for its intense aroma, thick smoke, and flavorful taste. It is made from top-grade tobacco leaves, carefully blended with natural molasses to create a unique smoking experience. Adalya hookah tobacco comes in a variety of flavors, including classics like strawberry and mint, as well as more unique flavors like blueberry and passion fruit. It is sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable smoking experience.