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Serbetli made on the basis of honey, which gives it a slightly sweet natural taste. The cut of tobacco is quite large, the leaf is very well impregnated. The main difference from tobaccos of other manufacturers is heat resistance and high humidity, which allows you to enjoy the taste longer and heat the tobacco for more smokiness, while the tobacco does not taste bitter at all. This tobacco is great for beginners as it is very easy to make without fear of burning. Sherbetli is also famous for its very high smokiness, much higher than competitors such as Al Fakher or Nakhla.
The Serbetli flavor line initially consisted of only 20 flavors, but in 2014 the line expanded significantly and now includes more than 60 flavors. Tobacco is produced in Turkey, in the city of Trabzon. Possible packaging is 50 and 250 grams.
Serbetli is a great alternative to Starbuzz, but with a more natural taste. Of the advantages of tobacco – its smoke and heat resistance, of the minuses – low strength.