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Starbuzz Electric Coal Heater


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Starbuzz Electric Charcoal Warmer

The weighted base houses your power switch and power cord, while providing a solid foundation for your safety. The handles on the exterior allow for easy movement if needed, and stay warm to the touch to prevent any harm. This little guy measures at 6.5" wide, and 7" tall, and could easily be used for travelling or to free up prep space.


This warmer may look super futuristic but it still functions the same as any coil based coal burner, this one just has more style. Flip the switch to the on position, and apply your natural hookah charcoal to the top of the silver grill. Leave your charcoal on the burner until they become fully lit, and apply them on/in your heat management device.

Black Aluminum walls shield the ventilated 500-watt warmer, and sleek metal walls keep the blazing hot coals safely tucked away til your ready to use them