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Starbuzz Tobacco


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Starbuzz Tobacco

 Starbuzz Premium Flavored Tobacco, founded in Southern California in 2005, is one of the most well-reputed modern hookah tobacco brands. Throughout its 15+ year existence, Starbuzz has added several tobacco lines to its product collection, including Exotic, Vintage, Serpent, and Bold. Each line has its own unique, distinguished attributes, but we firmly guarantee the insatiable buzz, and a delicious, smooth taste regardless of the line you choose.

All Starbuzz flavors are smooth and sweet, offering a vast array of options from simple, common flavors like Cherry and Vanilla to more earthy, sophisticated flavors like Lebanese Bombshell, which is flavored like cedarwood.

Signature blends include Blue Mist, Code 69, Tangerine Dream, Sex on the Beach, Pirate's Cave, and many others. The manufacturer focuses on unusual flavors that are delicious and fresh. Tobacco is medium cut and presented both in dyed and undyed versions depending on the product line. 

Starbuzz Packaging

Starbuzz offers its product in multiple different packaging sizes depending on buyer preference. The sizes include:

  • 100 gram can: Packaged in a resealable cylindrical tin.

  • 250 gram can: Packaged in a resealable cylindrical tin, this is the most popular choice for customers who can justify the cost-efficient value when compared to smaller containers, but with volume that does not get excessive like that in a 1 kg bucket. There is enough tobacco in the 250-gram cans for multiple monthly smoking sessions or for sharing with a group of friends. It is important to store this package at room temperature to maintain freshness. While it is resealable, this container size is prone to rust, so care must be taken to appropriately store the tobacco. 

  • 1 kg bucket: This is commonly purchased by lounges that have Starbuzz in their flavor list or individuals who really enjoy a particular flavor. 

How to pack Starbuzz

To get the best results, Starbuzz recommends packing a phunnel bowl using a semi-fluff pack. You should redistribute the juices, mixing in your tobacco, and sprinkling it into your bowl to produce a fluff pack. Simply drop the shisha up to the hookah bowl rim, just not over it. Before adding any additional heat, it is recommended that the heating starts with just a pair of hookah coals, as the pack tends to be sensitive to heat. Working upward from just two coals will mitigate the chances of tobacco burning.

Smoke Duration And Thickness

One of the advantages of Starbuzz tobacco is that it is a very wet shisha. This gives it the ability to smoke for extended time periods without thinning out, prolonging the smoking session's duration. The main component contributing to smoke production in modern hookah tobacco is the glycerin content, something Starbuzz tobacco possesses in high quantity. This allows for long-lasting smoking sessions, many of which often surpass the hour mark. The produced smoke is light textured and voluminous. While all Starbuzz hookah tobacco lines have similar smoking properties, their texture varies somewhat depending on the particular flavor.

These days Starbuzz products range from hookahs, hookah accessories, tobaccos, charcoal, and many other goods, making it one of the industry's biggest brands sold on nearly every continent in the world.